Lilies in glory

Sunday, February 11, 2007


From where could I start?
And how could I write feelings I Store in the deepest part of my heart?
How could I explain to you?
How much I love you?!!
YOU are the candle
That guides me when it gets dark
YOU are the land
That snatches me
when I swim alone in an Ocean with hungry sharks
YOU are the sun
That brightens my life
That dries my tears when I fell cry
YOU are the moon
That romantically hugs my stars
YOU are the breeze of the spring
That makes my optimism reaches Venous and Mars
YOU are the wind
That wipes away my sadness and fear
YOU are the eagle
That flies up high Scratches whoever bites me
YOU are the ANGEL
God gifted me
For you I’ll do the best I can
Coz YOU are my sweetest BROTHERS i've ever had

I dedicate this poem to my brothers but with all trust that a sea of wonderful words wouldn't be enuogh for them. And a special dedication to my brother who studies in canada,and who's struggling to reach his goal. Love you & miss you zeyad.

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posted by Salma at 11:36 PM


That's beautiful Salma, i hope God keeps you and your brothers always together:)

10:13 PM  

Thanks Engy, i really appreciate your duaa',Thanks dear and hope you and your siblings the same :)

1:12 PM  

Wow salma.. it's areally delicate emotional & very nice poem that i truley love it. I hope you and your brothers stay allways together with best relation, and acheive all your goals.

2:02 AM  

bgd ya salooma it's amazing nd nice peom ur feelings r so delicate like u :)god bless ur brothers nd sp, who is abroad nd hope he ll achieve nd reach his goals nd 2 be 2gether 4eva baby .. luv ya

6:05 PM  

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