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Thursday, July 05, 2007


You Think by Youth Ink

I know it becomes too late to write about it and i'm sure that some of you will say "yaaaah.. heya lesa fakra" and i completely understand this. Actually these days my ability to write becomes so weak, feel that the words are not coming to my mind and that i can't express what i truely feel and what i truely felt. I delayed to write about this issue because i was afraid not to give it all what it deserves. I waited and waited but in vain, so here i'm.
My warm congratulations for my brother Ayman and his friends. Firstly on publishing such a wonderful magazine. Secondly, on winning the second grade in the graduation project competition. Thirdly, on publishing your pictures on a whole page in hawaa' magazine (in the last week issue) which is titled as "students of faculty of mass-communication competing the bright journalists". Begad alf alf Mabrook ya shabab el mosta2bal : ofcourse Ayman , Amr Zakzook , Aisha, Dina Samaha , Salma , Engy: Pinky,Olfat, Amira, Sara, Asmaa', kholod, Ahmed abdelhamid, and elsheshtawy..You worked so hard Guys and honestly, it is a so wonderful and very interesting magazine.
Actually Ayman was telling me every weekend about the latest project news so, although i was in Alexandria and you were in cairo, i was living with you each difficulty you were facing and felt each happiness you felt.
You really deserve the best, and elhamdullelah you win w begadara. Keep up the good work guys and i'm all trust that you can achieve whatever you want but always remember not to let anyone or anything discourage you from your quests ;)

Oh i was going to forget, there's one more congratulaion :)
Congratulation on your final results. and ya rab the last subject's grade will make you happy (well, i didn't say distinction b'coz i know it wasn't an easy subject :)

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posted by Salma at 6:43 PM


Thank you for this post, and for the attention and care shown during work time... other thanks for the masterpiece "Oh, Tell me night!"

8:49 PM  

saloma bgad enty 3asola awe, w as am said u were wiz us in the pages of youthink ;)
and thanks for being there moment by moment

1:13 AM  


Hey welcome back:) I must say you do have strong willpower! It's good to have you back:)

Are you on holidays now?

8:22 PM  

Amr&Saloma : Not at all Amr&salma :))i even should have written this post a month ago :S
I really felt that i was a real member in the youthink-project family, and now you make feel that i wasn't by these thanks. It's really my honor to have one of my poems published in my brother's and his wonderful group graduation project :)

PS: I forgot to tell you that i made a promotion for the magazine in the faculty of science the last day of exams, and the doctors and students liked it so much and all asked about its price to buy it ;)

Dew: My sweet friend Dew,Thank you so much dear :)) Yeah i'm in a 3 months vacation right now,Enjoying being away from my scientific studies and enjoying summer :))
My results of the final exams will appear soon, so please don't forget me in your duaa' friend :)

3:59 PM  

كان نفسى اعلق عندك
بس للاسف الانجليزى بتاعى تعبان
لكنى عارف ان المجله دى جميله من كتابات زمايلكو عنها

11:19 PM  

I think that you think with youth ink ;)

9:46 PM  

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