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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday when i was arranging my book shelves in my room i found this piece of paper. I held it and kept on staring at it. I was so surprised that i could remember those moments when i grabbed my pencil and started to draw such a "strange" drawing 2 years ago (Sanaweya 3ama). I could remember the feelings and the anxiety that were trembling my bosom. I could remember my soul which was chained by the disappointment, bounded by the pain and tortured by despair. I could remember myself when i stood up and decided to break these chains and free my soul and beat all my enemies; the sadness, the misfortune, grief and above them all Despair and Disappointment.
I remember that i didn’t find anyone to help me except HOPE.

And finally i remember what it symbolizes. The white circle is the moon surrounded by dark clouds. The white spot above the moon is that person’s dream. This dream is extremely high. it emits small thunderbolt which increases and increases whenever it comes closer to the person who owns it. It shocks the owner’s spirit who begins to fall down and down until the owner is buried under the ground. The owner doesn’t surrender and accept that helping hand -and the only helping hand- which extended towards the owner. It was HOPE’s hand. The dots means the owner still has battles to wage until the owner reaches what he owns .

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posted by Salma at 4:54 AM


عارفه احساس سعد الصغير لما يبقى قاعد فى محاضره عن مستقبل الطاقه النوويه السلميه
هو بالضبط احساسى أما ألاقى بوستات بالانجليزى
ىسف بس بججد نفسى أقرأ حاجه بالعربيه

1:58 PM  

E7na: lol :D
عارفه الأحساس ده,و أعتقد اننا كلنا حسينا به و لو لمره في حياتنا بطريقه أو بأخرى.و لو أنني كنت أتمنى أن تشاركوني رأيكم في هذا الموضوع و خصوصا أنني أحترم جدا ارائكم. أنا والله نفسي أكتب بلغتنا الحبيبه و أعدكم أنني سأنشرموضوع باللغه العربيه, تقريبا البوست القادم ان شاء الله.
في انتظاركم

2:44 PM  

HOPEfully... we continue :)

so nice

7:42 PM  

very nice drawing
bas .........
ya nhaar abiaaaaaad
u meant all of that :)
rbna m3aky

10:17 PM  

hmmm HOPE is one of those beautiful things that if we let go off we may drown in the world of misery...

8:57 AM  

Amr: Yeah Amr, we continue elhamdulelah. Thank you :)

Anawafkary: w ma3ana kolena.
Thanks 4 the visit.

ZK:Heeey Zahira :)
Yeah dear, you're 100% right.
"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite HOPE"
Miss you,
Hugs&kisses :)

12:55 PM  

hope is a beautifully dangerous thing, dont u think? nice blog!

2:03 AM  

Hope is what makes you wait for the sunlight after the rain.

Even if the sun never did come, you would still have spent that time with joy in your heart :)

Hope is a beautiful thing :)

Very nice Salma :)

9:25 PM  

أتمنى أن أرى البوست العربى قريبا وشكرا على زيارتك مدونتى وأنتظر زياراتك القادمه

7:23 PM  

nice blog
very nice post
we are living on hopes
please next post write it in arabic
i met some difficulties n reading
i am so lazy

2:20 AM  

wow salma
all of that you thought about it when you start drawing,, it's amazing
ma3anah 3ameek awyyyy
masha2 allah 3aleky

you know, hope is my only choice to be survive for ( i think it's the secret of our life)

thank salma you for this post
w b7ayeky 3aleh bgd :)

4:09 AM  

*thank you Salma :D

4:10 AM  

Hope is all we have at times, when we feel that we are falling. hope stops us from hiting the bottom.

12:16 AM  

nice blog salma
person have no hope heve no life
but i think that there is something more important than hope wich is believe in god as it gives us hope
بس انا نفسى اسأل سؤال
انجليزى ده يا مرسى؟
يا ريت تشرفينى بزيارتك

3:11 PM  

Thanks so much for your so welcomed visit :) Well, i think Hope is that emotion that gives us the motivation to act positively. Hope is what gives us the push to face our life which full of troubles and cares.Hope is a beautiful thing indeed, but dangerouse.....i don't think so. Thank you and i HOPE to visit me again ;)

I hadn't known why my lilies are smiling like this untile i saw a comment from you Saifullah ;) Please make it smiling always :)
I liked your naturalistic simile for Hope so much and it's true. Very nice Saifullah ;)

Thanks very much :)And the coming post will be an arabic post insha'Allah so plz don't forget to check it out :)

دكتور كسلان:
سعدت جدا بتشريفك لمدونتي و أتمنى أن تشرفني دائما. ان شاء الله البوست اللي جاي هيكون بالعربي..في انتظار زيارتك

Dina Samaha:
Dinaaaaz :) Ente elle shokran gedaaan 3al el comment el gameel dah :) El blog menawar dayman bewgodek ;)

K-man is here commenting!!WoOw!
Is it Eid ;)))Very nice comment Mohamed and if we hadn't had hope and hitted the bottom for any reason, Hope can raise us above so we can standup tall again.Thanks K

أبو سويلم:
lol :D اه ده انجليزي يا أبو سويلم
أنا معاك جدا في أن الامل ينبع من الايمان و اليأس من دلائل ضعف الايمان فديننا ينهانا عن اليأس
يقول الله سبحانه و تعالى "ولا تكونن من القانطين"
القانطين: اليائسين
فيأنتظار زيارتك القادمه

11:36 AM  

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