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Monday, January 29, 2007

A sigh of relief

Finally, and after more than 2 weeks of being stressed, spending sleepless nights studying for my non-stop term exams, I'm in VACATION.

Unluckly it's not a long one as the next term will start just after 2 weeks from today ba' i'm satisfied of this couple of weeks and think that there're alot of funny and interesting things i can do in such short vacation.

For the exams mmmm...what can i say?!!
They were good thanks God and some of them were quite funny like the zoology exam!!
Alot of people asked me before about my favourite colour, kind of food, actor, movie, hobby...etc, ba' i've never been asked about my favourite arthropod(including insects) untile that happened in the final zoology exam!! Can you imagine that?!
the question was what's your fav arthropod and why? and to be sure that the students will not gonna write poems on their lovely insects,
The rest of the question was : "Briefly please"

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exams are so soon :(

Nowadays i'm sinking in books and lectures studying *sniff sniff* :(
i was snatched only for some minutes and so i'm here to tell you guys that i'll miss the blogsphere soooooo much.

Dear bloggers, your duaa' for me to pass with distinction.

Gotta go now to studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

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