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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some old stuff

I don't know why i'm still sticking to some old events and still wanna share them.May be some of them were so special to me and have made a change in me in a way or another. May be i've gained something precious in some of them & wanna keep it always in mind.

One of these old events is my birthday the last 1st of May
(the labour day)

Actually i've never celebrate it and never had a birthday party following the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) in that as he never celebrated his birthday.Yes i can't deny that my family and friends used to wish me a happy birthday but no other kind of celebration. This year my b'day was such an amazing day, was extremely different although i didn't make a party, But i can say that i haven't felt soo much love like in that day, the day before and the day after it.
It was such a wonderful bless to see lots of people the day after it around me every where i go in campus wishing me a happy b'day even though lots of them were not that close class mates and i don't remember that i once told them about it. I was so astonished on the number of sms's that i've recieved at mid night which continued till the day after May 1. It was the first time to recieve such number of sms's, the first time to see and feel love even from my colleagues everywhere.
At a moment i felt that i'm definitly in a dream, when i went to the chemistry course in May 1 and the doctor (who always seemed to be a more or less tough with students) said when i entered the class with a loud voice " We wanna celebrate salma's b'day" then the wishes and duaa's from all the students showered me. After few minutes the secretary came with a more than 20 pepsi cans and other soda cans and asked "where's salma?" and the students pointed at me and she told me "Whishing you a very happy b'day, the doctor paid for all the soda cans for all the students in your class" At this moment i was extremely happy and really couldn't realize what was happening around me.. Is that true?!! Is it me whom they talk about?!!! Is it my birth day or someone else's?!!!.
In the break all opened the cans and started to drink it with the doctor who acted so friendly with all the students laughing and joking, that every one was surprised at the way he acted and treated us. Although i told the doctor before all that that i don't celebrate it and replied
that he also never celebrated it and think that's not an islamic celebration and then he said "You're a respectable,an appreciated and a hard working person , You deserve all that and more, May God bless you and reach all your goals...." That was such an unforgotten compliment from a so respectable doctor.
I ask Allah to be always like that
. After that course, i had another course in another centre which was physics, When i entered the class there was another students who surprised me when they started to sing me a happy b'day song (the physics doctor was late and there was no guys ;). When the doctor came they told him and he made duaa's for me and praised me so much. The day after, when i went to college a group of friends made me a surprise and i've been showered this time with gifts.
After attending the lectures i was surprised by another group of friends with a big red gorgeous box with gifts inside and above the gifts was a picture of us which was so sweet
Yeah it's the first year to be gifted that number of gifts But the better than gifts is that wonderful feeling that i felt inside and truely saw it and felt it in the eyes of my friends and colleagues which is Love
and that precious bless i've known i'm gaining from my doctors which is Respect and Appreciation.

These days were really such amazing and unforgotten days that i'll always keep in my heart and mind and ask Allah to perpetuate these blessings and gift those who missed them. Ameen

And i ask him the Almighty to be a better person ,a better friend and more than that, A better Muslim insha'Allah.

About exams:
El hamdullelah, they weren't difficult but also not easy. The first was Chemistry (analytical chemistry and
thermodynamics) , the exam was too long and 3 hours weren't enough, but I did the best i could and answered the questions as fast as i could but had no time to check and revise my answers. the 2nd was Botany (taxonomy & physiology) the taxonomy was very good and physiology was a more or less difficult and needed alot of thinking, even though i guess i did good (hopefully).The 3rd was physics(radiation ,x-rays,bio-physics and spectroscopy). The radiation, x-ray and bio-physics questions were all complete and wasn't easy yet spectroscopy was very good.
The last exam was Zoology (Genetics(1 course) and Chordate biology(3
courses)) which is a very big course that "four" doctors taught it in 1 term :S.
Well i can say that i was living like in hell the week before it, some of my friends studied only 3 courses of the four, notably that each course(section)in the exam has 50 marks.
El hamdullelah and to him is all the praise i was abled to study the 4 courses and made revision on 3 courses and a half the day before the exam and did well in the exam which was also tooo long.

Days after exams:

Exams have ended and i was ended
with them, i was extremely exhausted. 2 days after, my relatives from Finland and England arrived to Egypt and we all went to a summer resort for 12 days. It was great, every day we went to the beach, Enjoy the beautiful nature, breathe pure air and had much much fun.

There's another event that i'll never forget to write about, and which's so special not for me as much as it's for my brother Ayman and his friends.... wait for it the next post insha'allah.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HeeeeeeeRe i'M,

OnCe aGaIn!!!!

Miss you alllllll, Miss My dear Blog, Miss You my Dear Blogger Friends ,Miss Reading your blogs and Commenting on them SoOoo mUch. Miss Writing and Sharing You my Thoughts and wHateVer i wanna Share with you GREATLY, Miss Reading Your Comments and Replying. Miss Sitting infront of the computer, Miss Typing on the keyboard, Miss sleeping deeply and have lots of FuN and jOy. Miss eating Well, shOPPING, Sitting With my FaMily Talking with them and Joking.
After 2 months of dedicating myself 'Not very completely' to education and Other 2 months on dedicating myself 'COMPletely' ; Studying for more than 7 hours a day and more than 10 hours the 2 weeks just before exams started, StAing late at night with books and lectures everywhere around me and 2 friends " My staedtler blue pen and my large lovely red mug with flowers paintings and tea with milk inside it" Not having any kind of entertainment... just studying,
attending lectures and courses to be steady for the FiNal EXams,
I REALLY Miss Alllllll The above and MORE.

BEfore anything I wanna ApOLOGIZE for not replying to your sooo kind comments in the last post and wanna you know that i really i wanted to, but was afraid of being re-addicted to the blogsphere and break the promise to myself of being away from what's decrease my concentration on my studies , I even didn't check them,
Ayman (My brother & friend :)) checked them for me. So please accept my apology.
IN my b'day( 1st of May) i decided to log in and reply, after writing the reply i hadn't got the courage to break the promise so i copied it on the computer and NoW i'm gonna PaStE IT :)))

Thanks so much for your so kind comments, your duaa's and wishes for me. I’m so sorry for my late reply to your comments, i’m so busy these days and so stressed so forgive me on this, but b'coz today(1st of may) is my b'day i decided to log in to reply to your encouraging comments.

Amr: the bright journalist ;)
Thank you again, hope i didn't miss lots of your posts. Take care :)

K-man: the prince of South Africa ;)
Miss reading your posts so much. Your comment made me so pleased :)
,and your words filled me with optimism & enthusiasm.Thanks so much and hope you all the best too and you also in my duaa's.

Taqdeer: 'the nature man'
Miss your amazing naturalistic posts;) Your duaa's made me soo glad, oh and the thing about watering my lilies is sooo unique and beautiful. Now I won’t be worry as my lilies will be in safe hands :)
(To those who didn’t notice, the lilies are on my display picture)

qdee and Dew : ‘My sweet new friends :))
Thank you so much sweety, I also miss you so much.
Hope you the best too insha’Allah :)

Thank you all again.

Well i've lots of events and things happened during the last 2 months (Like my b'day) and wanted to share you them greatly -But the promise:(-. So i'm gonna share you them now, but instead of writing a so long post i'll divide them in two posts insha' allah.

TOMOrrOw i'M supposed to travel to a summer resort for 4 days or more i guess with FaMilY and relatives, and i should go and sleep now.

Yours sincerly,


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