Lilies in glory

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Our memories bring us back to the past....Our dreams lead us to the future

No way to turn back time...No way to alter the events of the past.
Our Memories can...Can only let our minds swim in endless seas of done actions, of spoken words and occurred events and incidents. Memories can make us feel again what we had felt in the past. We might become happy or become sad, we might smile or shed some tears, we might get disappointed or full of hope and optimism....But still...Time never standstills, and if we're allowed to move back in time hoping to change our past, This journey will end up in certain failure and what had happened will happen over and over again each time we travel through time, Because it's Destiny .
Being a believer in the possibility of the impossible i nevertheless know greatly that changing one's destiny is
one of the impossibilities so we're face to face with destiny and we've to meet it with high and resolute courage.

Our Dreams can...Can build up goals and create the future. Can lead us like a guiding star to where we want to be. Some may think that following dreams is just like trying to touch the rainbow. A dream is what gives us a 'reason' to live for and when one is exhausted we should just go out and find another one.

Dream and work hard to achieve your dreams whatever it takes and don't be depressed by the obstacles...Life is about fighting for your existence -but in an honorable way-

Little ideas near nonsense have a room for thought

Little dreams however small have a space to grow

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